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Banksy Inspired Artwork
October 9, 2009, 10:57 pm
Filed under: Photoshop, Street Art


This is a photo I took on Bournemouth Beach. I’ve been really into Banksy’s work  recently and I decided to try out something new with photoshop and created something in his style. Below will show you the process I went through to create this image.


Just above is the original image I used when I opened it up in Photoshop. To begin with, I changed the image to black and white.

Picture 1

After that, I went to layer and then I duplicated the image to create an extra layer. The key thing I learned in this process is layering. This will enable you to create the toning effect.

Picture 1

Then I went to ImageAdjustments and then Threshold. The Image above shows the Bottom layer of the image. I increased the threshold for the bottom layer as it will give more tone to the overall piece.

Picture 3

I did the same for the top layer. I went back to threshold but this time I decreased it so that it so that the bottom layer will show up more.

Picture 4

The next step I took was to bring the dark tones of the bottom layer through to the top layer. To do this I used the rubber tool. I made sure the opacity of the rubber was 50% so when parts of the bottom layer shows through, it comes through a grey sort of color which creates some definition in the image. I then saved the image as JPEG which converted it into one layer. I felt there was quite a big white space, in the top left side of the image, so I decided to add some typography. The typography was very easily done. I chose a ‘grungy’ looking font that suited the style of image and position so it was slightly tilted.


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