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3D stroke
November 29, 2009, 8:46 pm
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Ok, I think I’ve got the hang of using the 3D stroke in After Effects. There’s still room for improvement… as always, but I think I’m off to a good start. Anyway, here is a what I did:

It’s actually pretty easy to make the 3D stroke. I went into after effects and created a new composition. Then I went to layer, new and clicked on solid. I chose the solid to be the same color as the composition, which is black. Then I used the Pen tool to create a mask on the solid.

After that I went to effects, trapcode and 3D stroke. Which creates white line on the mask path. On the left hand side you’ll have all the settings and options to create the look of the stroke. I basically just played around the settings to get the look I wanted. The main thing you need to change is the start and end of the stroke. This will alter the size of the stroke so the whole mask path isn’t highlighted. Then I clicked on loop, which will allow the stroke to go round in laps on the mask path.

Then this where I started the animation for the stroke. But before I could go onto the next stage, I had to get a camera from the layer menu. Then on the 3D Stroke menu I had to go to camera, then I clicked on comp camera. This then detaches the stroke from the mask path so you can work in 3D, but the stroke will travel in the direction of the shape of the mask. Then the last set of tools I used were to make the camera movements. I clicked on the unified camera tool.

These  are the tools I used for different movements for the camera. The Orbit Camera does all the rotation movements. The Track XY Camera makes the camera move side ways and up and down. Lastly, the Track Z Camera makes camera zoom in and out. By clicking on one tool at a time, I key framed each movement I wanted by following the light strokes path. 


Light stroke
November 25, 2009, 11:08 am
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I found this video on youtube which basically shows exactly what I want to create for the beginning piece of my after effects project. This is the trapcode stroke plugin, which creates the light streak. This plugin has a 3D mode which creates the illusion that the light is traveling in a 3D environment.

I like the way the light streak stops and then text appears. This is very much like what I’m going to do because the light will stop at certain points and then an image will appear which represents a problem or struggle that I have a night. This video will give me something to aim for when I’m producing my own light streak scene.

3D Animation – Beginning Video (Draught)
November 25, 2009, 12:16 am
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Here is a draught version of the beginning scene of my project where I have video footage of a person sitting down to watch TV in 3D.

When it comes to filming this properly, I’m going to try and make the camera pan as smoothly as I can and also I might work on the lighting in the environment just to make the video look more interesting.

Viral Video Project
November 24, 2009, 10:34 pm
Filed under: Principles of Sound and Video, Viral Videos

Ok, today we got back into our groups for making a viral video. We spent the day literally throwing out ideas of the sort of video we want to make and the concepts behind them. The style of the video we all agreed on was to do it in a stop motion style. We looked at various videos on youtube for inspiration and we found that some stop motion videos looked really amazing… if it was done correctly.

Here are some of the videos we looked at:

This is again an excellent example of stop motion. The whole video seems to flow so smoothly, considering this was all done using a digital camera rather than a DV camera. The people who made this must have been so precise when putting this together.

This is the video that sealed the idea in our group. This is a well put together piece and what I like about it is that person playing the in the video doesn’t necessarily have to be good at playing the drums or piano because the music is put together through the editing of the video. For our project, we will use them same style as this video but add our own twist to it and hopefully use after effects to finish it off.  I’d also like to experiment with different camera angles for our video, as I feel just the same camera angle is not so adventurous in terms of filming style.

More Development – NIGHT OUT PROJECT
November 23, 2009, 10:13 pm
Filed under: After Effects, Principles of Computer Graphics

I have done some more adjusting to the shot of the tunnel that I’m going to use for my After Effects project. I’ve now altered the colour to blue so the bright yellow light at the end stands out more. I also had a go at changing the size of the light rays and key framing the change so they would animate. I might need to make the size changes of the light rays much bigger so the animation is more noticeable.

November 23, 2009, 10:00 pm
Filed under: Computer Graphics for Animation and Film, Maya

Ok, I thought I’d better upload a storyboard for my 3D animation. I’m not a keen storyboarder because I sometimes can’t visualise everything or imagine what the final outcome will look like . But nonetheless this is very rough storyboard to help me piece this project together. I’ve decided to include video footage in this because the animation on its own, in my opinion, would seem really random and meaning less.

So the beginning of this shows a person sitting down and putting on his 3D glasses. I might have the camera panning around the person as the  3D glasses are being put on.

This next picture shows a close up the ON  button on the TV remote and the persons finger to switch it on. Since this cuts to the animation, I felt the bullet coming out of nowhere would not make much sense. I’ve thought about adding a sound effect  of a gunshot as the button is pressed as a way of triggering the bullet you see in the animation.

Ok, then its a cut to the 3D animation. This a shot of the bullet flying towards the glass (as you can see its got a reflection). I am thinking of having a sound effect of the bullet in motion, but I’m not quite sure what it will be yet.

This is another shot of the bullet coming towards the glass, but from the other side and at a low angle.

This shot  is exactly the same as the one before, but this shows the impact of the bullet hitting the glass, as you can see. I will be using a sound effect of glass smashing to go with this.

After the sound of the glass disappears I’m going to record some audio of someone acting out like they’ve just been shot at.

Tunnel Shot – More Developement
November 23, 2009, 12:39 am
Filed under: After Effects, Principles of Computer Graphics

I did some more work on my tunnel scene for my animation. I’m trying to create a spiritual look to this shot. This is to represent the pathway to the light of positive energy, which reflects my negative perception of tinnitus being transformed into a positive perception where I have habituated to the condition.

Here is an updated version of the tunnel shot.

The next stage will possibly be altering some of the colours by maybe adding a tint of blue to the scene because its a calming colour. I’d also like to add some movement to the light at then end of the tunnel and maybe have the rays become bigger and brighter which could wash out the scene to end the animation.

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