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Development – Night Out project
November 15, 2009, 11:07 pm
Filed under: After Effects, Principles of Computer Graphics

I have managed to visualize an idea some of animation that I’m going to create for the After Effects project. I have decided to go with my own personal experience of living with the condition, Tinnitus, and apply it to this project. My hearing therapist showed me this which explained the cycle of tinnitus and I’ve decided to take this diagram and animate it through motion graphics. The basic structure of this animation will show a light streak that the camera follows, in after effects, that takes the audience on a journey of the struggle of living with the condition and stress.

Below is a rough overview of the animation and how it’s going to flow.


I’m also going to include some video footage I recorded in a club. Below is a clip of the footage that I’ve edited in after effects so far. The next stage will be to slow the footage down to make the scene look calm. Take a look so far…

This is a combination of two clips that I recorded on my camera. The second clip, which is layered on top, ¬†has been masked so that only specific area of the video can be seen. I then used the feather tool to smoothen the edges around the masked area so it makes it blend in better with the other clip in the background. I decided to alter the colour of the footage to a ocean blue colour to make the scene look quite calm. One of the points I’m trying to get across in this project is to show clubbing as a chilled out experience, rather than just a loud rave, which is what a lot of people see it as.

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