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3D Animation Concept
November 21, 2009, 9:50 pm
Filed under: Computer Graphics for Animation and Film, Maya

For my 3D animation I’ve decided the concept of the piece will be based on Realism. I was inspired by this approach from the 3D week channel 4 hosted. It made me realize how much everything is continually changing and developing and that this 3D week is possibly a pre-curse of what’s ahead in the future for television, film and gaming. 3D has been around for some time, but it’s now becoming slightly more commercial and there is a hunger of people wanting to be physically in the action. In terms of 3D animation/graphics, media companies are obsessed with how real, everything that is computer generated, looks. So the concept is basically ‘how far are media companies prepared to go when it comes to realism’?

In my animation I’m going to have some footage of a person sitting down, switching on the TV and putting on his 3D glasses to experience watching 3D (I’m basing this on channel 4’s 3D Week… but I’ve added my own twist on it by showing it’s gone to far or  gone wrong) Then I’ll cut to the 3D animation (the bullet hitting the glass), which is basically what the person is watching. Then when the bullet smashes through the glass and flies out of shot there will be some audio footage, that I’ll record, of that person in agony because the bullet has hit him. When the bullet hits the glass, it represents CGI breaking its way out of the digital world and into the real world (Therefore in this case, the bullet becomes real).

The bullet is a good representation of  the movement of technology. As we all know, technology is constantly moving forward in one direction at a rapid speed. It’s exactly the same like with a bullet, it shoots out of a gun at a rapid speed in one direction.

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