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Viral Video Project
November 24, 2009, 10:34 pm
Filed under: Principles of Sound and Video, Viral Videos

Ok, today we got back into our groups for making a viral video. We spent the day literally throwing out ideas of the sort of video we want to make and the concepts behind them. The style of the video we all agreed on was to do it in a stop motion style. We looked at various videos on youtube for inspiration and we found that some stop motion videos looked really amazing… if it was done correctly.

Here are some of the videos we looked at:

This is again an excellent example of stop motion. The whole video seems to flow so smoothly, considering this was all done using a digital camera rather than a DV camera. The people who made this must have been so precise when putting this together.

This is the video that sealed the idea in our group. This is a well put together piece and what I like about it is that person playing the in the video doesn’t necessarily have to be good at playing the drums or piano because the music is put together through the editing of the video. For our project, we will use them same style as this video but add our own twist to it and hopefully use after effects to finish it off.  I’d also like to experiment with different camera angles for our video, as I feel just the same camera angle is not so adventurous in terms of filming style.


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