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3D Animation Update
December 4, 2009, 11:39 pm
Filed under: Computer Graphics for Animation and Film, Maya

For my final piece I was originally going to film someone sitting down to watch TV and then cut to the animation of a bullet smashing through glass (Which represents the TV). But it didn’t seem to flow so well as so I felt it would be better to composite the animation in with the video footage and have a still frame of the TV and the bullet smashing through it.

I have gone into maya and started work on this project. I have created a plane which I have started creating the look of broken glass. I have cut up all the lines so that I can create individual shapes within the plane that will end up being the particles that break. Below is what it looks like so far.

I have managed to create some patches to show some of the particle shapes. My aim is to do all the gaps within the plan and then extrude them so they look 3D. I was hoping to use Blast Code which is a maya plugin, which is designed to make objects break up into particles, but it’s not easy to get hold of.

Here are a couple of sketched up drawings of how I visualize this will look.

I am only going to have one shot of video footage in this. This basically shows an overview of the cameras movement, panning around the sofa.

This sketch shows the still shot after the camera has panned around. The shot is meant to include a side view of the person watching TV and the TV set itself. From this still shot I will composite the 3D graphics of the bullet and glass breaking into the video footage using after effects.

The sound I will use for this will be a sound effects of glass breaking mixed with an explosion to make it more powerful.


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