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Footage for 3D Animation
January 6, 2010, 11:29 am
Filed under: Computer Graphics for Animation and Film

Ok before christmas, I put words into action for this project. I managed to film a panning shot of someone watching T.V. This will be composited with the 3D animation that I’m going to have of a bullet smashing through the T.V.

Here is what I’ve shot:

I felt this panning shot was not going to work with the camera being handheld, so I was aiming to get a dolly, which never happened because there weren’t any available to hire. So I had to improvise and fortunately for me, my living room has laminate flooring so all I needed was something smooth for the tripod to stand on so I could slide it around the sofa. I ended up using a sleeping bag for this effect and I’m pretty satisfied with how well it worked.

I’m thinking of experimenting with different speeds to make the shot more interesting by speeding it up and then just over halfway slow it down. But I thought for now I’d post it in its original state. I’m concerned about the quality of the footage because it was shot in low light conditions because I wanted it to be more cinematic.


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