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Kinetic Text
January 6, 2010, 11:42 am
Filed under: After Effects, Post Production Techniques

I am aware that our next project is based on Kinetic Text so I found some spare time to look up some tutorials on this and it’s pretty straight forward. There seem to be different methods of achieving this effect. I basically followed a step by step tutorial for creating this very simple animation, which states “IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING“.

Check it out:

Just had a quick go at making another text animation. This time with musical accompaniment, Celebration – Madonna (Benny Benassi remix).

This animation basically consists of four compositions:

Composition 1 (Background): I created in photoshop and imported it into after effects.

Composition 2 (Text 1): “Come join the party”

Composition 3 (Text 2): “It’s a celebration”

Composition 4 (Text 3): “Everybody just won’t do”

Above shows the timeline in after effects. Each of the red lines represents each word in that particular composition. The green line at the bottom is the music, but only the specific part of the song that goes with the text. I basically just matched the text to the music by shortening each red line so each text appears and disappears with the music.

For each of the text compositions, I layed out each of the texts differently and then pre-comped them into composition 1 (Background). I made sure all the text comps were in 3D mode and then I created a camera.


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