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Re-shoot & Creating a Shatter
January 16, 2010, 4:47 pm
Filed under: Computer Graphics for Animation and Film

I decided to re-shoot the scene I created for my 3D project because I wasn’t happy with the quality. I have used a slightly more advanced camera this time round, which has allowed me to manually control the exposure so the footage doesn’t become grainy.

This is a screen shot of the new footage. Compared to the last video this has little noise and grain.

Controlling the exposure manually is a very effective way of keeping the background lighting the same if the camera is moving in an environment where the natural light is different when varying form different shots.

Creating a Shatter

I am now able to make the TV screen in my  lounge scene to explode. I discovered in after effects that you can create a glass shatter effect. This is probably the closest to blast code I’ll get with this project. The first thing I did was to create a glass texture in photoshop.

I opened up a new photoshop file. Created two layers, the bottom layer white and the top layer black. I went to filter, render and clouds. Then I went back to filter, render and then chose different clouds. I did this a couple of times until I was happy with the definition of the clouds.

Then I went back to filter again, scrolled to distort, then selected glass. This then opened up a new window where I was able to create a glass effect on the image I had created so far. Below are the settings I used for this effect.

After that, I altered the colour effects using colour balance, under adjustments, to give it a slight blue tint. The glass texture was now complete, so the next step was to import the image into after effects.

Creating the Shatter

I created a new composition and dragged the image onto it. I then dragged my video clip into the same composition so I was able to match the up the shape of the image to the TV screen.

I then pre-composed this composition and dragged into into my original composition that I have already been working on. Then I went to effects, simulation and then shatter.

Here are some of the settings I used to customize the shatter. To start off I        went to the shape settings where the default pattern was brick shatter. I changed it to glass shatter.

I also played around with the repetition settings which allowed me to  increase or decrease the amount of broken particles.

Using the extrusion tool I was able to alter the thickness of the particles.

I also played around the position which allowed me to pin point where I’d  like the impact to happen.

I used a bit of physics as well to adjust the gravity alter the speed of  the  particles falling down and also adding some randomness to the particles direction.

This is where I am at so far:

The next step would be to work on some sound for this piece. I am going to:

  • Add and explosion sound effect for when the bullet smashes through the T.V screen, which I have already found. It’s mixture of an explosion and glass smashing which I’m hopeful will work really well.
  • Make a dark instrumental piece of music in GarageBand for the panning shot to create some atmosphere as it’s bit dull without any non-diegetic sounds.


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