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Ideas for post-production techniques project
January 23, 2010, 9:21 pm
Filed under: Post Production Techniques

I have started thinking about ideas for the post-production techniques project. As always, with every new project, it’s hard to visualize an idea right away. I am aware for this project that we are meant to take  either a piece of music, an excerpt from a film or a poem  to be used as a soundtrack and produce an animated piece of Kinetic Typography in After Effects.

I have looked at various types of Kinetic Typography:

Dexter – Kinetic Typography

Stand Up by Ludacris – Kinetic Typography

V for Vendetta – Kinetic Typography

Stranger Than Fiction – Kinetic Typography

I’m a bit undecided about what style I’d like to do, whether its using video or making my own graphics in photoshop and after effects.

Song Choices

I’ve decided to use music for this project as I enjoy listening to music. I don’t know if the music has to be some sort of instrumental piece or with lyrics, but I’ve started looking at songs anyway.  These are some of the songs I would like to use for this project. I will narrow this down to one (obviously) as I start working on ideas for each one.

Starry Eyed Surprise – Paul Oakenfold

Possible Ideas:

For this song I’m not entirely sure what I would do. I really need to look into the lyrics to help me visualize ideas. I feel, for this song, I might go for the more graphical style approach, like the Stand Up by Ludacris kinetic text has been done.

Celebration (Benny Benassi Remix) – Madonna

Possible Ideas:

Again I’m not entirely sure what the hell I would do exactly for this song but my instincts are telling me that I should go for something quite graphical as well. It’s definitely not Madonna’s most meaningful song but it’s about having a good time and taking risks. I can see myself playing around with lots of different effects with this song.

Porcelain – Moby

Possible Ideas:

For this song, I can only imagine creating subtle visuals. Originally, when I was doing A Level media, I wanted to do a music video for this song to show the morning/day after a night out. It would have been set by the coast, which works out well for me as there is a beach in Bournemouth If I decide to choose this song. I would incorporate the kinetic text in the video like the Stranger than Fiction clip.

I’m still looking out for other possible songs for this project that I could use….


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