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Working on an Idea
January 31, 2010, 11:15 pm
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Ok, I’m starting to work on an idea for this unit. I want to create something quite broad in terms of post production, like include 2D and 3D animation and manipulate video. I can’t believe I’m finding myself wanting to use 3D animation as well, but I have been completely inspired by some French students who have made this short film of these creatures, created in some 3D software, who go around around painting Paris. I saw this video and thought it was just brilliant and I was really inspired by it’s simplicity. There is no detailed description of any hidden messages or meaning in this video apart from that the three students have written synopsis saying, “it’s little creatures painting Paris.” I can certainly relate to this video and conclude my own interpretation of a meaning for it, which I’d like to pursue by creating something in this style.

Here is the Video Reulf:

The black and white footage could be a representation of a boring, dull place where nothing is interesting or nothing stands out. These little creatures are the force of turing the future into a bright and colourful path and the fact they are small also shows that little things working together can make a different.

I am eager to attempt at creating a piece of work like that. I think this video demonstrates a good use of post production with the compositing of the 3D animation and the video footage manipulated to look like it’s being painted.  I’m definitely not hot on using 3D software such as maya, so whatever character/s I was going to create in 3D were going to be very simple. Before I saw the Reulf video, I already had some basic designs of a 3D character/s I wanted to create and it does resemble the same style in the video.

Here are a couple of very simple designs I drew up:

3D outline sketch

More Detail On The Design:

I am thinking of just creating one or maybe two simple 3D characters in the style above. I don’t want to spend hours modeling and texturing characters when this project isn’t focused on 3D alone. For texturing, like in the Reulf video, I’ll have them in plain simple color like red, blue or green. My main area I would like to perfect on this would the animation. The animation is quite a hard technique to make all the movements quite smooth so I would like to pay extra attention to that area.


London is my ideal choice of location to film for this project. There are lots of interesting places in London that my 3D character/s could go and visit.

  • South Bank/ River Thames
  • Trafalgar Square
  • Bit’s of London Underground
  • Big Ben/Houses of Parliament
  • Little Cafe
  • London Underground

Concept Ideas:

Well I really liked the idea of the little creatures painting Paris. I feel like I can really relate to it and give it my own meaning. I thought 2009 was a bit of depressing year for me, I dropped out of university, had no job to go to and discovered I had tinnitus. On a global scale, the recession was a big dark shadow of depression for everyone. The black and white footage of the streets of London could represent that. I am going to create either one or two little characters that go around London and brighten it up as a way showing the start to a new year.

I’m also thinking about just using one set location in London, such as cafe, that the 3D character/s will be based at and film different shots.

Two different scenarios:

  • The character/s paints a city
  • The character/s puts up street art – not sure what the street art could show yet.


The look of the footage itself will be black and white and I might add a slight tint of maybe yellow or blue, just to give it some edge. I’m also going to experiment with the contrast as well and see how well it turns out.


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