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Terrorist Concept and Plot Structure
February 10, 2010, 4:14 pm
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For our short form video, our group (The terrorists) have decided to  be characterized as Cyber-Terrorists. They are formally known as The leet Haxors, which is an internet slang for “Elite Hackers”.

Plot Structure

The Leet Haxors, which are the cyber-terrorist group have had one of the members deported to the states after being caught computer hacking to access top confidential government information.  The whole terrorist group were involved in getting access to the information but unfortunately one of them was traced. They themselves, abduct a lecture and hold him hostage in order for the release of their member.

We have based this concept on a similar story that is happening in real life of a computer hacker facing US trail after being accused of braking into US military computers.

Computer hacker Gary McKinnon \’is facing a US trial\’

Scene 1
(Terrorists test camera equipment)
Scene opens with a black screen and the sound of voices. The characters discuss their doubts over what they are doing whilst the camera man sets up the camera. As the camera man removes the lens cap the characters come into view. The room is messy and unprepared with parts of the wall uncovered by the draping sheets. One of the characters is sat facing away from the camera in the background typing on a laptop. There is a logo on the centre wall sheet, displaying the words ‘1337 H4×02z’ meaning elite hackers.

Scene 2
(Terrorists are shown to be stressed and disorganised)
The camera hasn’t been switched off so it records what they are saying. One of the characters is portrayed as the leader, ordering the other characters to clean up the place and to pull their act together. He also dispels the other character’s fears over what they’re about to do. One of the characters suggests the use of a gun arguing that they will have no leverage in their video without one. Another character argues that they do not need to use guns and that their computers are their weapons. The leader decides in the end that a gun is necessary if they are going to be feared.

Scene 3
(Terrorists show their video to the world making their demands)

The terrorist see the documentary on the lecturer and decide to chose him as prime target as a hostage. Fortunately, for the terrorists, the phone call he makes to the student is recorded by the documentary crew and he briefly mentions where he plans to meet the student. The lead character talks whilst the other terrorists stand by his sides in silence. The hostage is kneeling down on the floor in front of them. The leader presses the gun to the hostage’s head as he delivers the closing lines of his speech.

Scene 4
(Terrorists wait for response, getting stressed out)
Terrorists become stressed with waiting and decide they need to take steps to keep themselves occupied and relax in order to relieve pressure. They send one of the characters to fetch their cannabis.

Scene 5
(Terrorists relax and talk to Brian, Brian put on their mask)
The terrorists sit in a circle and smoke their cannabis, eventually passing it to the hostage. The terrorists talk to the hostage and they agree on their goal, but the hostage does not agree with their methods. They soon dissolve into laughter, doing a mockery of terrorists, pretending to execute each other and wearing their masks.
One of the terrorist members will be deported to the states for computer hacking to access top confidential government information. They abduct the lecturer and hold hostage in order they can demand the release of their member.

The dialogue below is something I did very quickly and it’s not really my fort-ay so it’s not really top notch, but I was trying to write something that created an enigma.

Dialogue for the first Scene

Terrorist 1 setting up camera equipment.

Terrorist 1: It still looks blurry. Is it faulty?

Terrorist 2 adjusts the focus

Terrorist 2: There, it looks fine.

Terrorist 1: Oh ok, sorry I’m not really with it. You know what, I’m not sure what we’re doing is the right thing.

Terrorist 2: Of course we are! We can’t just betray our friend. If we don’t do something then we’re definitely gonna be found out. They’ll make him confess everything and we’ll end up in his situation. Is that what you want?

Terrorist 1: …No I guess not.

Terrorist 2: Come on, just stop doubting everything and just get on with what we planned.

Probably needs re-writing but its a rough idea of what’s meant to be said in the opening scene.


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