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working more on the character design and Idea
February 10, 2010, 1:25 pm
Filed under: Post Production Techniques

After discussing my Idea with Phil and Jason, I am now going to produce a simple 3D character in maya that I’m going to composite in some footage where the 3D character will be either painting the logo of the Kaboosh company or the logo will be reflecting off the characters body by using the shine plugin in after effects.

I have decided I’m going to make 3 short indents each lasting roughly 10 – 20 seconds. The three videos will be shot at three different locations around bournemouth. I went out quickly to take some photos of ideal places where I could have the character putting the logo on some blank wall area.

This is a photo I took outside the ASK restaurant in Bournemouth. I think this is an ideal location to base my 3D character at putting up the logo.

Here is the completed model of my  3D character.

Next I’m going to decide what texture I’m going to use for the external body. I’m thinking of using the colour scheme of the kaboosh logo, which is white, green and black. If I go with the character having the logo being reflected off his body, I may have the logo on the front of him as well.


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