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Post Production development
February 16, 2010, 12:21 pm
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After discussing my idea I had for this project I did feel I paid less attention to the narrative side of it. In the previous posts on this unit I had decided I was going to make three short videos just showing my 3D character painting the kaboosh logo in three different locations. My mind has now to changed so I’m going to produce one video that has a narrative. I’ve now been working on a simple structure with a beginning, middle and end. I am going to show my 3D character walking to work, with his spray can and ladder. Then I’m going to show him actually working, so he’ll be spray painting the Kaboosh logo. Then once he’s completed the logo, I’ll show him walking home to end the piece.

My rough sketch of 3D character walking with a spray can and ladder.


The beginning is going to show the character walking to work. I will include different shots taken from different locations.

  • Residential
  • Beach

I imagined this to be the first shot where the 3D character is walking down the road, in a residential area.

Then I want to have a fade into this shot and again the 3D character is going to be walking down the alley way.

Then another fade into this shot f the alley way, but facing the other direction, so the character is walking towards the camera.

Again, another fade into this shot. The character will be walking down the road.

This is pretty much a rough storyboard of how I imagined the opening of my video.


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