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Maya texturing
February 24, 2010, 8:09 pm
Filed under: 3D, Maya, Post Production Techniques

Today I’ve been doing some basic texturing on my 3D character. I’m sticking with using the color scheme of the Kaboosh logo, which is green, white and brown.


Firstly, I decided to texture the legs. Since the legs were extruded from the main body of the character, I had to go to faces, which allowed to select all the faces of the legs.

Then I went to Rendering Editors, Hypershade. I chose the Lambert texture. I then double clicked on the Lambert 3, which opened up the Material Attributes menu on the side. I Selected the colour I wanted, which I chose white. I made sure I selected all the faces on the legs. Then I went back to the hypershade menu, held click on the left arrow underneath Lambert 3 and chose Assign Material to Selection.

This then changed the legs to white. I did the same process for the arms. For the main body I used a texture that I created in photoshop. The image was a combination of different sized line strips going horizontally and vertically. I wasn’t sure how well this would look once I mapped on the body of my 3D character.

Here is the texture mapped onto the body.

The texture didn’t seem to be any good after it was mapped but I then played around with the 2d Texture Placement Attributes, which allowed me alter the way the look of how the texture is presented on the body.

I decided to map the texture so the lines shape together like this.


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