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Short form Video update
February 24, 2010, 11:25 am
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Team Members:

  • Dan Hume (cinematographer/Director)
  • Graham Bowdery (Director/script writer)
  • Oliver Emmett (Camera Operator)
  • Jack Ashley (Boom Operator)
  • Kieran Ayles (Actor)
  • Will Bartlett (Actor)
  • Dan Sullivan (Actor)


  • Base Room (Interior Location)

We decided that the Base room would make a suitable environment for the terrorists. We’re going to use very dramatic lighting at this location.

  • The Pier

This is the location where the terrorists abduct the lecture. The lecture will be waiting for this girl he is meant to meeting, underneath the pier. We will be shooting alongside with the lecture group at a late evening sort of time.

  • Sopley Air Softing (Exterior location)

This is the exterior location of where the terrorists are based. This is where the last scene will be filmed and when the police raid the location.


There are going to be four terrorists. Here are our actors we’ve decided to use.

  • Kieran Ayles
  • Will Bartlett
  • Stephen
  • Dan Sullivan


  • Casual clothing – Shirts and Jeans
  • Balaclavas
  • Three Guns

Special Effects:

  • Green Screen

We will be using green screen for the video that the terrorists make their demands for. This will enable us to create a custom background, which will show the terrorists groups identity ‘The Leet Haxors


  • 1 x Green Screen
  • 4 x Redhead lights
  • 1 x HD Video Camera
  • 1 x DV Camera
  • 1 x Boom Microphone
  • 1 x Tripod

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