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Short form Video – Terrorist scenes in more depth
March 1, 2010, 10:57 pm
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Scene 1

Leader and Camera man are the only terrorists present

Camera man sets up the camera whilst leader walks around the set, preparing the lighting/green screen

Leader talks to cameraman about the backgrounds of the other two members

Camera man and leader know each other well but have never met the other two in person, only on the internet

Leader receives a text and goes to let the doubter into the building

Doubter enters the scene, leader asks him how his trip was/whether he had any problems

Scene 2

Maniac is running late so leader explains the plot to the cameraman and the doubter.

Doubter is nervous, expressing his fear for what they are going to do

Leader expresses his view on the situation and how they won’t need to harm anyone, explains the urgency of their cause, to keep Gary McKinnon out of jail

Leader gets another text and goes to let the maniac in

Maniac enters the scene, very eager for action

Maniac talks like a pseudo terrorist, spouting anti-establishment babble

Maniac asks the leader who they are going to kidnap, then produces a gun saying ‘the establishment is going to shit when they see this’

Doubter expresses his point that a gun will get them all jailed or shot, and that their computers are the real weapons of today.

Leader overrules the doubter’s argument and claims that a gun is going to give them considerable leverage.

Leader demands that the doubter configure the web stream whilst the leader and the maniac go to kidnap Brian.

Scene 3

Terrorist video scene

Production values dramatically greater than previous scenes

Leader and maniac are shown standing, wearing balaclavas and sunglasses, holding a gun to Brian’s head, who is kneeling on the floor between the two terrorists

Leader makes a speech about Americas police state, using ancient methods of crime prevention to insight fear into its people AND the peoples of other countries.

Scene 4

Terrorists congratulate each other on a successful shoot and try to relax

The pressure of waiting for a response puts the terrorists on edge

The doubter starts to have a serious attack of conscience; his nervous stance makes the maniac step up to confront him, calling him a ‘pussy’

Brain sits on the floor wearing his blindfold still, looking frightened

Argument escalates until the leader breaks the two up and orders the cameraman to fetch a bag of cannabis in an attempt to calm the group and relieve the tension

Scene 5

Terrorists light up a spliff and begin to relax

The leader passes around some reassuring words and reminds the terrorists why it’s so important that they did what they did

The leader decides to untie Brian and allow him to join them, treating him as a person instead of a hostage, showing that the leader has compassion; the maniac suggests otherwise but is overruled

The terrorists soon dissolve into laughter, joking around like a bunch of friends, as does Brian

The leader talks to Brian and asks him what his opinion on the situation was

Brian claims that he agree with their motive, stating how he is sickened by how the American government has become so totalitarian.

Brian says that he doesn’t agree with their method and he doesn’t agree with terrorism but admits that he has been well treated since his kidnap.

Leader expresses his view that terrorists exist all across the world in different forms, for example the American government are terrorists for trying to imprison Gary McKinnon, using fear tactics to scare hackers.

Leader comments on Brian saying how he is a free thinker and how he’d make a good terrorist. The leader tells Brian to put a balaclava on and to do a joke shoot with him just to waste some time.

The police raid the building and shoot the terrorists and Brian


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