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Idea Change for Post Pro
March 17, 2010, 7:53 pm
Filed under: After Effects, Post Production Techniques

I have decided that the idea of making a 3D character and compositing it into video footage was quite an ambitious challenge for this unit. With the deadline being the week after easter, I felt there was not a lot of time considering the amount of work I had to undergo in order to make my idea work.

So I’ve decided to change my idea to something that I can realistically produce within the time that I’ve got to complete the post production unit. I wanted to come up with something original because I also felt my last idea was not completely unique in a sense.

Brief summary of idea:

I’m going to film a panning shot of the beach at late evening sort of time when the sun is setting so I can capture some nice lighting. As the camera pans there will be speaker positioned on the beach. I’m thinking of making the speaker in maya, or making a 2D image of a speaker but it will be of a 3D perspective or I may even photograph a speaker… I’m not sure. When the camera reaches the position where the speaker is in shot, I’m going to try animate the cones so it looks like they are vibrating. I’m also planning to have some motion graphics emerging from the cones.

My inspiration came from listening to some liquid drum and bass. I am a fan of this particular genre of music because it’s so refreshing and makes me feel really chilled out. This is why I’ve chosen the beach because it’s relaxing and it can be a place of solitude, especially when I’m listening to my iPod on along the beach. It’s amazing how disconnected we are from the reality when we are listening to our music on the move. I definitely find myself immersing into my music when I’m walking around if I have my iPod. The whole idea of using the beach and a speaker is to basically show my vision of solitude. The motion graphics that will accompany this will be the representation of my imagination running wild when I’m listening to music.

Below are some screen shots of some video footage I took of the shot where I want to have the speaker positioned in.

Since this footage was shot as a test, I want to film at the beach again but next time hopefully there will be some dramatic lighting there.

The image above is a rough idea of how I want the shot to look. I’ve managed to grab an image of a speaker for free from the shutterstock site, which explains why there is a watermark over it as you need to buy the image to use it.

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