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Exploring Solitude
March 20, 2010, 7:35 pm
Filed under: Post Production Techniques

What is Solitude:

  • a state of social isolation
  • the state or situation of being alone
  • a solitary place

I’m still using the theme based on solitude for this project. I’ve decided I’m going film a stationary shot of Bournemouth beach in the late evening so I can record some dramatic lighting. Within the shot I’m going to have a person walking around the beach, listening to his ipod, drawing on the sand and possible skimming pebbles into the sea. Those are just possible ideas of what the person will be doing but basically that person will be constantly moving around in that scene. As the person is moving around the scene I want to do different fades from one position to another, to show a progression of time.

I also want to incorporate some time lapse footage of either traffic or clouds or I might even do both depending on how successful they turn out. I’ve never done time lapse before, but I have done stop motion so it is kind of the same principal but I think the key success to this technique is to have the shutter open for longer allowing you to capture the movement of different subjects. Anyway, I want to have the time lapse footage overlaid on the sky on the beach scene, while the person is moving around on the beach. This will represent the imagination of the person whom I’m going have moving around in the scene.

Below is a photograph I took of  Bournemouth beach last November. I have overlaid some images I took of traffic at night with a long exposure, so you capture the movement of the cars. I want to recreate this whole scene using video footage.

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