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Matching Lighting
March 24, 2010, 10:00 pm
Filed under: After Effects, Post Production Techniques, Short Form Video

Today we did some tests for the lighting using green screen so we could make the lighting identical to the other lighting we had when we filmed at Sopley. Below is an image of the final result we go and it actually works really well, apart from there’s no shadow from the bottom of the chair.

Composition 2 - Green screen footage.

Once we had filmed the lighting using the green screen, I then opened up After Effects. I created two new compositions and imported the footage we had shot at Sopley and dragged it onto the first composition and then Imported the footage we shot using green screen and dragged it into the second composition. On the second composition I used key light to remove the green screen from the background. I then masked around the lecturer sitting down, so that all that was on the composition was just the lecturer and a black background.

I then pre-comped (dragged) composition 2 onto composition 1, which allowed me to fit the lecturer into the empty scene of the room the we recorded at Sopley.

Composition 1 - Empty scene we filmed at Sopley.

This isn’t shot I used to place the lecturer into because there is a chair infront of the green screen but the shot I did use was exactly the same but without the chair. Below is the final result of compositing the green screen footage into the video footage we shot at Sopley, therefore; faking the location.


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