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Beach Scene Edit
March 30, 2010, 6:01 pm
Filed under: Post Production Techniques

This is a quick entry to show how far I’ve got with the editing using iMovie. Below is a small extract taken from the footage just to show what it looks like before I imported it into AE.

After Effects Experimenting

I’ve just been playing around with some of the effects in AE to add to the video.

I started with the ‘Echo‘ effect, which creates a ghost like effect if something in the scene is moving. I just experimented with different values of the time between an echo and the amount of echos produced. The decay values will increase or decrease the detail of my video. I used a little bit of that effect because I felt the video needed to have less detail, so when the person in the scene is further away from the camera you’ll be able to notice him better.  Below is screenshot of the values I’ve used for my test piece.

Next I looked at the ‘Colour Balance‘. I use colour balance a lot in photoshop because I feel it always brings a subtle colour to original image which looks really grey and dull in comparison. I felt the scene lacked colour, so instead of increasing the saturation of the what video contains, I wanted to add more of a specific colour… but subtly.  I wanted to give the scene a slight warm and cold feel.  All the dark shadow colours in the footage have been given a blue tint and all the highlight colours have been given a red tint. I felt mixing both colours together really worked really well to get that cold and warm look. Below  is a screenshot of the values I’ve used.

Lastly, I adjusted the brightness and contrast of the whole scene to darken all the dark areas and brighten up all the light areas.

Below is the video footage after I rendered it in AE.

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