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Putting time lapse videos in the scene
April 5, 2010, 7:51 pm
Filed under: After Effects, Post Production Techniques

Now that the video has been edited and the colour scheme has been changed, I’m now ready to put the time lapse videos into the scene.

The first thing I did was duplicate the scene so there were two layers in one composition. I masked around the top layer going around all the hills in the distance and the pier. This then made the sky from the bottom layer appear through, so it is now separate from the top layer which shows the beach. The reason I made two separate layers was because when I come to adding the time laspe videos into the sky section, it’s to avoide the time lapse videos spilling onto the beach scene. I want to try and make it look like it’s coming from behind the hills and the pier.

Below is a screen shot of the top layer being masked around. The sky with the hat being thrown into the air is the bottom layer.

The next step was to import the the time lapse videos into AE. I created a new composition and then dragged all the three clips into the composition.

Then I pre-comped this into the beach scene composition so it looks like the image below.

The next step will be a mixture of masking, blending and other special effects to make the videos naturally fit into the scene.

Above is a screen shot of one of the time lapse videos. I’ve hidden the other two videos so I can focus on just the one video. I wanted to blur the edges around the whole of the clip. To do this I had to mask around the video, which then deletes an excess video that goes beyond the outside of the yellow shape I’ve drawn onto the video. Then I went to select the video and clicked on the arrow next to mask and then went to feather. This then created a blur effect around the edge of the mask.

I repeated this process for the other two mask videos. I even duplicated the videos and positioned them in different to try and create and abstract look.


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