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Final Version For Post Production
April 15, 2010, 8:45 pm
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Here is the final video I’ve done for the Post Production unit. I’ve uploaded two slightly different versions.

The version below doesn’t have the light rays shining on the beach.

I started this unit with an idea of creating some 3D animation and compositing into some video footage. I pursued this idea until I hit a brick wall with the rigging. The rigging, in my opinion, had to be spot on otherwise the animation would be hard. I have had very little experience with rigging so I didn’t really know how to achieve this properly. I had to make the decision not to continue with this idea because I wasn’t going to complete this task within the time that I had left . I have learnt that I DO NOT want to touch Maya again… and I’ve got to stick with what I enjoy working with and that is video and graphics.

I was listening to some liquid drum and bass music which was called ‘Embracing Solitude’ and it triggered off a concept of what my next idea was going to be about . The music itself had a negative perspective on Solitude and it seemed quite dark and had a sad emotional feel to it. I guess it comes from the producer of the track and how he feels about solitude. I wanted to visually show my idea of solitude by capturing video footage of a favorite place where I like to be, which is Bournemouth beach in the late evening. When it came to filming on the beach, fortunately there was no-one around, which made this the perfect oppertunity to film without having some random person in shot. I wanted to create the illusion that this particular scene is isolated from the real world.

Yet again, my flat mate agreed to once again make a cameo in this next project of mine. He is the main subject of the piece who walks around on the beach as he’s listening to his iPod. I asked him to randomly through a rock or stay still every now and then, just so I had some variation of different movements so when it comes to edit I can make the piece more visually interesting. He spontaneously did some random dancing, which was great as it worked really well when I came to editing the video with the music. The idea is to show the main subject in the video disconnecting from the real world and immersing himself in the music he’s listening to and letting his imagination run wild and feel free.

The music I have chosen for this is a liquid drum and bass track called Your Way by Netsky. This is a more uplifting song compared to the other track I got the idea for the piece from. This song will represent a more positive feeling towards solitude. I felt choosing the beach as a location fits in really well with the music.

The editing was enjoyable to do. I used iMovie to edit because video recorded on DSLR isn’t supported on Premier Pro.  I had to shorten the music which runs over 6 minutes down to 2 minutes. Once I had the music sorted, I was then able to start editing the video together. The editing consisted of using a mixture of cross fades and plain cuts. I matched all of the cuts with the audio wave length of the music at specific points so it would be accurate. Looking back at the finished video, the cuts don’t seem to be as tight as I’d wanted but they just about look spot on. I didn’t encounter any problems during this process.

When it came to importing the footage into After Effects, I was able to adjust the colour and brightness of the scene. I did a photo shoot in November last year at the beach and the lighting was brilliant. Unfortunately I didn’t have one of those amazing susnet evenings when I came to shoot the video so I’ve had to turn to AE to try and recreate that lighting. I suppose it’s all part of post production anyway.

In conclusion, I am pleased with how the final result has turned out, although I would have liked the quality to have been better since I recorded in HD. Through all the projects I’ve done on this course I always pin point the quality of the final piece. I guess this came down to lots of compressing from rendering in iMovie then rendering in After Effects. Premier Pro CS5 is now released and it now supports video formats taken on DSLR so hopefully for future projects i’ll be able  to export a HD movie file into After Effects with little compression and have a more crisp rendered video. All in all I’ve really enjoyed doing this project as I’ve combined photography and video which I’ve enjoyed working with.


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