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Compositing Video Footage
April 27, 2010, 8:04 pm
Filed under: Short Form Video

So far, using Keylight in After Effects proves to be a better option than Colour Key in Premier Pro. I opened up a new composition in After Effects and imported the finished edited piece along with the empty room shot we recorded at Sopley. I dragged the Sopley Footage onto the composition first, then changed the size so it fitted the composition, like I’ve done below.

Then I dragged the footage we shot in the EP Room, on top of the Sopley Footage. I made sure I selected the right scene I wanted to green screen before I went any further. As you can I also altered the size of the footage so it fits into the composition nicely.

Then when I was happy with the size, I then went to Effects, Keying and then selected Keylight. This brought up the Keylight menu on the left hand side of the screen. All I needed to do now was to select the colour of the green in footage using the eyedropper tool which removes all the green screen instantly.

This screen shot below shows the result after using the eyedropper tool. It removes the entire green screen; therefore the Sopley footage can now be seen instead. There needs to be some tweaking to make the green screen footage blend in much better with the background, such as the lighting being having a slight blue tint to give it that cold like it is in the background.

Below is a video extract of this scene…


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