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Terrorists Biography
May 4, 2010, 9:00 pm
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For the the final piece of this unit, we need to have the videos uploaded onto a website complete with each characters biography. The biographies are to enable the audience of who these characters are. Since this is not a typical drama, where TV shows that talk about the characters and plots, this is entirely up to the audience to get background information on the characters. Below is a summary of each terrorist character in the drama.

Leader – T3h M4n

Leader of the 1337 H4x02z, T3h M4n actually has little hacking knowledge, but for what he lacks in skill, he makes up in balls! He is the final say in the operation and will stop at nothing to fulfill his agenda.

Cameraman – Gu2u

Gu2u is the younger brother of T3h M4n, thus the only reason why he is a part of the operation. He is incompetent, not having a clue how to use technology. He does however know how to roll a joint like no other, which may explain his presence.

Doubter – Qu4nd2y

Qu4nd2y first started hacking at the age of 14. Now at the age of 20 his 6 years of internet hacking has made him an essential component to the 1337′s operation. Despite his experience in the field Qu4nd2y lacks the confidence that most internet hackers possess. This can be attributed to his sheltered upbringing, it’s a surprise Qu4nd2y ever became an internet hacker!

Maniac – P5ych01d

P5ych01d grew up outside of new york. His fear of his surroundings cause him to inflate his personality in an attempt to be accepted. This often fails with hilarious results.


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