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Kaboosh – Work Placement
May 5, 2010, 10:36 pm
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Day 2 (Week 1)

I returned for my second day of work experience with Kaboosh. When we arrived in the morning, we carried on with our videos that we started working on yesterday.

Later on in the morning, we were told to stop working on the videos, temporarily, as there was some work that needed to be done before the end of the day. Cat, Lynn and myself had to produce some website banners for different company’s. I had to produce a couple of banners for ‘Shakeaway‘, which I believe is a milkshake company. One had to be vertical and the other horizontal. I had to stick to a specifc brief where the banners had to contain the logo of the company, the same colour scheme and a quote. Here is one of the banners I made during the day. I have uploaded a small compressed size so it can’t be used in its full quality by someone.

I managed to complete the banners for when it was needed and had a bit of spare time to continue with the video work. I’m at the stage where I’m trying create a floor surface in After Effects for the letters to stand on. I’ve looked at this tutorial to creating a dance floor scene. So far I’ve managed to create a surface with a spot light moving around. Although this is different to the tutorial, I think this could work for this video piece that I’m working on.

This is a working progress and I’m going to continue working on it tomorrow, depending on if I get given any extra work to do.


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