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Kaboosh – Work Placement
May 12, 2010, 4:02 pm
Filed under: Work Placement

Day 7 (Week 2)

Today I continued tweaking my video for the kaboosh video casts. I showed the team the video to see if it was fast enough this time. They said it was much better, in terms of pace… but still needed to be a bit faster, so I have carried on making it faster.

I spent most of the day going over video in detail and seeing how I can make it faster. The process was taking longer than I thought. I was having to go through all the keyframes I made on each letter and compress them together to make them appear and disappear quicker. I had to take out some key frames because compressing the keyframes doesn’t always help as sometimes there are too many keyframes which when compressed makes the animation look uncomfortable to watch. Not only did I have to go through each of the letters key frame, but I also had to adjust the camera key frames as well, to keep everything in sync. This process is a bit of drag, but I guess you always come across these sort of moments.

I had an interesting conversation with Rob about how advanced technology is becoming. Specifically speaking were talking about Adobe CS5 and how impressive it looks. We were discussing how effortless it is manipulate images in Photoshop CS5 and that young children can easily learn this stuff and that on youtube there are tutorial videos done by young children teaching grown ups how to use software!

I haven’t got much else to report on today but will see what tomorrow brings…


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