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Kaboosh – Work Placement
May 14, 2010, 11:24 pm
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Day 9 (Week 2)

Today was the last day of my work placement at Kaboosh. The two weeks have pretty much flown by. It was a bit strange to be leaving in a way, because I got settled into a routine of working there. I like the location of the company being in the centre of Bournemouth town. I’ve always liked the idea of working in a city or a big town.

When I arrived today, I immediately carried on with the new video project for Scott Mill’s. I wasn’t entirely sure what the use of the video would be for exactly. After I showed the team a rough preview of the video, they said it will probably be used for the introduction to Scott Mill’s iPhone app, which is currently being developed. Now that I had a better Idea of what the video was going to be used for, I knew what sort of style of graphics I wanted to go for. I wanted to create a street/pop art styled video that was short and simple.

For this video I used After Effects and some Photoshop. I wanted to have an image of Scott Mill in the video so I was given for HQ photos of him of which I chose one that I thought would work well for the video. I then took that image into Photoshop and played around with the threshold effects to create a street art styled look to the image. When I was happy with the look of the image, I then imported it into after effects. I spent the afternoon designing the overall look of the finished video. Below is a a screenshot of the video.

The length of the video is roughly 5 seconds. Since this is an introduction video for iPhone app, I wanted it to be short. By the end of my working day, I didn’t fully complete the video. I’ll be submitting the video next week so I have the weekend to tweak it and adding some extra details.

As the day drew to a close, I left the company feeling good with what I’ve produced and knowing that the company is happy with the work that I’ve done. It was overall a good experience! 🙂


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