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Costume Show – Video Shoot
June 13, 2010, 1:29 am
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On Wednesday and Thursday this week, I was part of of a small team who were preparing to film a complex theatrical performance at Bournemouth’s Pavilion. Why was this performance complex? Well, this performance had four different locations, under one roof. It was our job (Digital Media Crew) to film all these scenes as the audience and actors move through each location. With five people operating a camera each, we knew that we didn’t have enough cameraman to be ready in each scene so we needed to plan out where each person needed to be in each of the four locations. We had eight tripods, which we positioned in all of the locations, ready to for shooting with.

Camera setup

We all had to be miced up so we could hear Phil, who was in control of the vision mixer. He would be giving us instructions throughout the filming, so we knew exactly what shot we had to have and when the shot was being recorded. It was quite an intense experience at times, especially at the beginning.

Vision Mixer

The video was going to be edited using a vision mixer which allows an editor to edit video live while the action is happening. The vision mixer has two screens. One screen displays all the live views of each camera  and the other screen is the preview of shot selected into the mix.

It was hard at times to get a good shot because of the varied sizes of the audiences at different shows. Some audience members were accidentally in a particular shot that had a character that I needed to have in shot. For this technique to be successful, you need to plan and rehearse everything before you actually do it for real. Although I’ve said it was bit hard at times, after we did lots of try outs, the filming became more enjoyable.

I didn’t get a chance to see a full recording of what we did, but it would be interesting to see how it turned out.


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