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Fashion Show Shoot
June 20, 2010, 3:15 pm
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Last Wednesday and Thursday I was embarking on another video production, with the same people from the costume show. This time it was for the fashion students who were putting a together a fashion show, naturally. Originally I wasn’t planning on being apart of this production, but the Digital Media crew needed an extra person. Again, this was a similar production to the costume show that we had shot previously, but less complicated. The big difference this time was not having to move cameras from a different position. The production, like the costume show, was going to be edited live through the vision mixer.

Vision Mixer

We were filming at the O2 Academy in Bournemouth, which is a nice intimate venue. There were four cameras in place around the arena area. Two cameras were  at the back, one of which was higher up than the other. The other two were at the sides.

This is a shot from where my camera was set at the front of the arena. You can see the other three camera set-ups in the room.

We did four shoots overall in one day. For the first three shows I was at camera one, which is at the front of the room. Then I had to switch to camera four for the final show, which was on the side of the arena. I was a little bit anxious about switching cameras, because I was confident about what shots were needed from camera ones perspective. Filming on camera four was a bit challenging as there was a limited amount of space. There were moments where I found myself having to lean forwards, which made me feel like I was going to fall off the edge. But nonetheless, I managed to get through it. Minutes before the show started, my talk back unit wasn’t working, so I wasn’t able to have any communication with Phil, who was working on the vision mixer. The talk back is an important part of the production as it allows the vision mixer to talk to all cameraman, so they know exactly was shots to have and when the shots are being recorded. Fortunately, Phil managed to reconnect my talk back, literally seconds before the show started. It was a real intense moment and I was panicking, because I had no idea what I was going to do without talk back.

The biggest difference we had this time round was the use of the electronic zoom mode on the cameras, which made life so much easier. The electronic zoom is controlled by two buttons near the front of the camera as opposed to having to use the zoom ring around the lens. This achieves a much more subtle movement when zooming in and out. You are also able to focus easier as the buttons and the focus ring are within reach of other so you can do both at the same time, which is a good technique to grasp during live filming.

I’m going to upload the rest of the photos on facebook at some point, so I’ll post a link to them on this post.


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