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Future Cinema Idea
October 10, 2010, 8:04 pm
Filed under: Future Cinema

This  video shows show a multi-screen video was the Russian entry at the Venice Biennale in 2007 – an immersive multimedia, multi-screen experience with Wagnerian-style classical music. The film makes extensive use of computer-generated animation, film loops and colour-keyed live action with dancers and actors.

I like this idea because of the multi-screen. I think this is the next step in improving the cinematic experience. I’m not so keen on the gaps between each of the three screens. I think the screen should attached together, seamlessly making it look like one screen. I’ve done a quick design of how I’d like to see a transformation in the cinema screen.

I think the main aim of this screen design is to immerse the audience in a film further. This would involve having the audience looking round from left to right, for example, having a character walk into shot from side.


Stolen Identity

I want to explore this concept of losing your identity and having it stolen. I’ve recently experienced my wallet being stolen, for the first time. I’ve never lost anything before, not a phone and certainly not a wallet, so it was a big deal to me. I’ve discovered there are mixed emotions around this concept such as, panic, fear, sadness, depression and anger.  Wallets contain lots of personal information about ourselves and when it gets snatched away from you by someone unknown, you feel you’ve lost your identity and you feel vulnerable.

For the narrative of this piece, I’m thinking of basing it on the concept of a victim who loses their identity. I’m thinking of having this really fast paced piece of video, where the victim discovers they’ve lost their wallet and they end up running back and forth down this road in absolute shock. Using the Processing software, I feel I’ll be able to really experiment with the video footage to really capture the intensity of the moment when you’ve had your wallet stolen.


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