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Camera Rig
October 21, 2010, 6:01 pm
Filed under: Future Cinema

Today we spent the day designing and making our very own camera rig, which will accommodate three  DV cameras. Below is my design of how the rig should roughly look once completed.


We want to project video footage onto three screens, in a cube shape. Using one video camera isn’t going to be wide to capture the surroundings of an environment. This is what lead us to using three cameras, so we are able to fill three large screens. The two cameras at each end will be at a 45 degree angle. We’re unsure whether the end cameras should be facing inwards or outwards in order to get the best result for filling three screens. Nonetheless we’ll film the footage with cameras inwards and outwards and then decide which angle is the most effective.


We were fortunate enough to have one of the teachers at the Workshop studio to help us make our camera rig from scratch.

This is how we started, by putting all three cameras together on a blank sheet of paper and lined them up in a position we felt gave the best panoramic view.


After that we took our design to the workshop studio to get the materials and actually put the rig together. It was a bit tricky trying to get the holes in the exact place as this determined the cameras position, but we overcame that problem. Below are some of the photos of one of the tech teachers who helped us make this.

The finished product was perfect.We haven’t attached a weight to the rig as it felt pretty steady without. Tonight when we come to film, we’ll see how effective it is.


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