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Post Production in Progress
November 3, 2010, 10:27 pm
Filed under: Future Cinema

Ok as you can see from the picture above, we’ve reached the post production stage for our group project. I’ve captured all the footage that we recorded with our rig and I’m currently tweaking it to make it look a little bit attractive to look at.

Car Park Footage

Below is a short clip of the original footage recorded at the car park.

I imported the footage into after effects where I was able to tweak the colour and contrast of the footage.

Edited Clip

Here’s a clip of the edited version. I wanted the footage to have a cold look, so I gave it a blue tint. It kind of looks like a scene from a crime program, which I like. I increased the exposure a little more, to make the lighting look a  bit more dramatic. The contrast was increased as well to thicken all the dark and white areas.

I haven’t had to edit much compared to the original, but I don’t think it needed much editing. I think the next step would be the accompaniment of sound to finish it off.

Abstract Smoke

At the Bristol Science centre, I cam across this nice little installation of small ice chunks reacting in some concentrated liquid. I placed the lens of my camera onto the class surface and just left it to record. I thought this would be a nice piece to use for this project. It’s quite immersive as a visual because it’s abstract.

Going back to my first project I did on this course. I used the same technique from the night out video and applied it to this new video. It’s a very simple technique of having two layers of video, overlaying each other. Then I used the mask tool to create a circular shape around the top layer.

I then feathered around the mask edge so it blended into bottom layer.

I thought it would be better to differentiate the two layers by having one a different colour. I used the colour balance effect to create a green colour on the top layer.

I felt the visuals needed something more to add that extra immersive touch. I am very fond of using the light burst effect, so I thought, why not use again. I think it really works well.

The biggest problem I faced with this was the rendering time. I recorded the footage at 720p at 50 fps, so it was very glitchy when trying to preview the footage during the editing. If I had more time and a more powerful computer, I would have liked to have a perfected it a bit.


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