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November 7, 2010, 7:03 pm
Filed under: Future Cinema

Last week our group had been working really hard on running some tests on each of our laptops, to make sure everything will run smooth for the crit. The laptops will act as the sources to provide the visuals into the projectors to be displayed on our custom built screens. Each of the three laptops have been install with Max/MSP. Kavi has been really in charge of this area of the project, which enables this piece of work to be interactive.

Kavi installing the camera sensor

Our initial idea was to create a full sized scale cube, which would be 8 feet wide. This would have been a decent size space for someone to walk into to engage in our cinematic experience, however we’ve had some issues with the space available being to small for our project, so we had to re-think our idea. We came to the conclusion that it would be better to scale our installation to a smaller size; therefore avoiding any major problems that might prevent us from having the installation ready in time for the crit. We have now constructed a small virtual installation that consists of 3 screens, with wooden frames and lycra material as the surface to project onto.

This picture is showing my laptop, displaying the traffic animation from computer onto the centre screen of our installation.

During the past week we have had some issues with running the patches on my laptop and Gina’s laptop, however on Thursday may laptop managed to work fine with the patch. It responded to all the trigger points within the environment, which changes the animation. I have a feeling it’s been mainly linked to the IP addresses at the uni, because that’s how the software connects to each other from different computers.

Sneak Preview:

This a small clip showing two screens projecting the traffic footage I worked on. I’m really pleased with how it looks so far but I hope to work on a full video preview of our installation next week after the crit.


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