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Future Cinema Synopsis
November 9, 2010, 10:27 pm
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At the beginning, this unit felt a bit daunting because you could chose to produce a broad range of different media to replicate an idea for the future of cinema. The project had to also in-cooperate some form of interactivity. This concerned me slightly as I haven’t produced anything interactive before, but I was up for the challenge. My mind was all over the place as there are many different avenues I could explore and I didn’t really know where to start.

Our future cinema group formed naturally after everyone pitched their own individual ideas to the class. Kavi and Gina’s idea had a similar approach to my idea, which is how the group came together. It was clear from the start our group was aiming to go further to try and produce more than brief is asking us to produce. We pretty much had a clear idea of what we wanted to produce and how we were going make it happen, on the same day we formed our group. The three of us each had our own specialist area that we wanted to be in charge of for this project. Kavi was going to be working on the interactivity. Gina was going to be working on the sounds/music and making animations. I was going to be working on the concept for the visuals and also making animations as well. From then on we started getting on with the practical work.

I actually enjoyed working on this project. I got to do some photography and video work and implement it into our installation, which was good fun. Using After Effects is always good as well. Although I wasn’t in control of the interactivity side of this project, I did get some understanding of how max/msp works. This was my first proper art installation project and it was true collaborative project. It was interesting process going through the design stages and then working alongside other people from different departments to help with the construction of the ideas. I thought this was good practice for future work.

Halfway through our project, we had a design change and decided that we were going to aim to make a small prototype of our initial idea. I think we were being realistic about this due to the amount of time we had left to complete this unit. Our initial idea was to produce a 8 foot wide enclosed cube environment, but we decided that we will avoid a lot of issues if we scaled the design down to a smaller size.

Towards the end of the project, things did become more intense. The patches in Max/MSP, up until the last moment, didn’t work. It was mainly due to the university IP addresses the laptops were running off that were causing this issue. To overcome this issue we created a small local network through our mac’s airport (wi-fi), which proved to be a success. Other issues were the camera sensor not responding when hovering over a trigger point. This was due to lack of light in our environment, because the visuals look much clear when it’s a dark surrounding. For this we had to compromise by having a lighter environment, to help with the sensor response.

On the day of the crit, we continued working on our installation right until the last moment before we presented it to the class. The finished product wasn’t as perfect as well all hoped but I was pleased with how our presentation went and I think the class understood what our idea was, which was the main thing. The main criticism feedback we got was the fact, it would have been much better if we managed to produce a larger scale model for a real immersive experience, which I think is a fair to say. I definitely think a bigger model would have executed the idea much better, but it would have possibly resulted in a lot of problems that we wouldn’t have been able over come in the time we had left. Overall it was a good first project with a great team!

Below is a virtual video created by Gina, in After Effects showing how the final outcome of our project looked.

I recorded a short video of the actual installation in action and will get it uploaded to the cinemerse blog.

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