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Ideas for Performance Video
November 15, 2010, 6:29 am
Filed under: Performance Video

I have thought about this project for most of the weekend and I’ve managed to accumulate three rough ideas of where I’d like to go with it.

Idea 1

Time lapse video that generates sound through movement of still images.

Each frame will have a shot of different movement, that is created by light. Unlike the examples above, I’ll use an LED light and have someone move it around in shot to create light motion. The movement of the light will affect what sound is produced.

Once the video is compressed into a specific amount of frames per second, it will produce an experimental piece of music. You don’t know what the music will be like until it’s compressed into a video format.

Idea 2

Still Image that animates through sound.

For this idea, I’ve been looking for a way to inco-operate the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad into the project. I’d like to use these devices as a source for creating sounds with. The reason I’ve chosen these devices is because of there is opportunity to create an application that you can use to produce sounds on. Another thing I’d like to add is that all three devices have the best interface, which is incredibly responsive.

As for an image I’ve been inspired by photographer, Giacomo Costa. Costa Produces really great images that are made up of different buildings taking from different photographs; therefore making a distorted new landscape.

Using this style of creating an image, I’d like to recreate something similar to this, but not entirely using all buildings. I’d like to use different objects as well to build up an image. What I like about his work is that you can create something unique each time. With all the different layers in the image being separate, there’s an opportunity to manipulate and animate each layer according to the sound produced.

I see this piece being either projected or displayed on a large screen.

Idea 3

Sound and Images generated through movement of walking and running.

I got the idea after talking with Liam about doing something based around running. I came across the nike iPod kit and it hinted another approach to this unit. I am aware this technique has been done before, but then again, so have many other things as well. After looking at various youtube videos that demonstrate this technique are quite dull in terms of how they’re presented and they don’t have any form of meaning. This is where I’d develop upon this technique by making the piece visually better with a small meaning/narrative behind it all.


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