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Production (Multi-Touch Pad)
November 24, 2010, 10:26 am
Filed under: Performance Video

I’ve finally managed to get my multi-touch pad constructed and working after a struggle with software and webcam issues. For the last few days I was struggling to find a webcam that would be compatible with a Mac. Phil said that a software called, Macam, would allow pretty much most webcams, which are specifically made for Window PC’s to work on a Mac. I downloaded the Macam software easily, but once I connected the webcam it, the software wouldn’t pick up the device. I was convinced after looking for troubleshooting tips that it was a webcam issue, but I came across another software called iMage USB Webcam.

Construction Process

Firstly I used an old cardboard box to use as the body part. It doesn’t really matter what size it is as long as it has a reasonable width and height for the camera to track movement.

I cut away the four flaps at the top, so nothing is loose or getting in the way.

Using the sharp end of a scissor, I cut out a small hole to feed through the webcam wire through.

I then placed the webcam in the centre of the box for it to be really effective when tracking hand movement.

For the surface to touch onto I used a picture frame.

Using sellotape, I taped up a plain sheet of paper to some glass, from the picture frame. This is going to act as the multi-touch surface.

Tracking Test

This is a screenshot of the of the software called Community Core Vision. It’s where the tracking data is collected from. Fortunately, after I had installed the camera to the computer, the software was working and tracking the movement of my hands I made onto the surface of the glass.


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