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Music and Ableton
December 14, 2010, 6:22 pm
Filed under: Abelton Live 8, Performance Video

I’ve never made music or used any audio software before, but I’ve had a small desire to learn a little bit. For this unit I’ve made a liquid drum and bass track using royalty free samples and loops in Ableton. It’s a very basic track combined of five bits of looped audio ranging from a drum beat to ambient sounds. I wanted to create a an urban sort of sound because I want to set my visuals in the outskirts of London.

The screen shot above shows the sessions/mixing viewer in Ableton. This is where you drag all your audio clips of samples and loops into categories and also select the effects you want to use. The left of the screen is where all the music library is stored. Alot of Dj’s use this window in Ableton because it’s designed and laid out for living mixing. I’ll be using this window because that’s the aim of this project to produce a live performance.

Above is a screen shot of the six audio loops that make up the whole track. The controls I’m going to be working with are the Volume/Fader controls and Solo buttons of each of each tracks. They will be synced to TouchOSC so I can control them on my iPhone.

Audio Effects

The Dry/Wet controls in Ableton will synced to the Rotary controls on TouchOSC. This one control determines how much of the effect is produced.

The Warm Reverb Long effect is self explanatory. It creates an echo effect on the music, creating the illusion of density of the music being played in an actual environment.

The Autowah effect is kind of a strange distorted effect like the sound is drowned. I can imagine, visually, the images magnifying according to the beat of the sound being washed in and out.


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