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Developing Idea and Visuals
December 19, 2010, 5:12 pm
Filed under: Modul8, Performance Video

Just been playing around with some visual effects in Modul8. On the way back home from Bournemouth, I recorded some video footage of the landscapes whilst sat on the train. I then imported these clips into Modul8 and composited them over the Canary Wharf image.

The image above shows the output result of the video and the still image composited together, using the Luma Key. Once you’ve applied the Luma Key to each layer, it gives you more freedom to experiment with other effects.  Below is the output result with each layer being extruded to create the illusion of depth.

In Modul8 I’ve looked at using the Extrusion effect, which duplicates layers of an image and pulls them apart creating a sense of depth. Below are a couple of videos I recorded of the visuals I made in Modul8.

Without Effects

With Effects

I don’t want to create anything majorly abstract. I really love city life and I want to show the observation of the build up of high energy that a city emits. When you watch time lapse videos of cities landscapes, they are often describes as micro chips processing information all the time. That’s pretty much what I’m trying to get across here. I like to think of a city as a big powerful computer that is constantly processing information.


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