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Givenchy Play Advert
December 23, 2010, 7:19 pm
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Don’t know how long this advert has been around but It’s just caught my eye. I’m not attracted to the product, just to clear that up, but I like look of the advert and lights flashing in time to the beat of the music.

Anton & Partners together with Nola Pictures are portraying the city of Paris in a romantic, devil-may-care 30-sceond ad starring Justin Timberlake for Givenchy’s Play fragrance.

The work creates a sparkling nighttime panorama of the City of Light that comes alive with painterly visual effects and resolves with a charming twist.

‘Play’ opens in the dead of night with a couple dashing across the deserted plaza below the Eiffel Tower’s soaring latticework, racing up its spiral stairs and across its beams high over the darkened city.

From a platform high over Paris, Timberlake hits PLAY on what appears to be his MP3 player and the ensuing music activates a sprawling pattern of city lights below which dance and flash to the music’s rhythm, much to the gleeful astonishment of his fetching companion.

The bird’s-eye lightshow is occasionally interrupted with street-level shots of iconic Parisian landmarks exploding in a cavalcade of rhythmic lights, in playful synch with the music.

Behind the Scenes


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