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MIDI Mapping in Modul8
January 7, 2011, 8:11 pm
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I’ve managed to map the TouchOSC controls on my iPhone to Modul8 as well as in Ableton. I did have an issue with mapping some of the channels in Ableton to the channels in Modul8. I was only able to assign one channel in Modul8, until I realised at the top of the screen there were three menu tabs, Focus, Position and Layerset and Position. I was in the focus menu, which only allows you to assign one channel to a MIDI control, but you are able to assign controls to the effects on that particular channel.

I then switched to the Position menu, which gives you more flexibility about what Midi controls you can assign to and access to all the layers in Modul8. After I discovered this, I was able to map all the controls I needed to on my TouchOSC editor.

Test Video

Above is a short extract I did, after mapping TouchOSC to Modul8, of the iPhone controlling Modul8 and Ableton Live at the same time. I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out!


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Hi Dan,

I see you mapped an ipad to Modul8. I am trying to midi map my Maschine to Modul8 and I am not sure how to do this. Do you where I can find a good Midi Map/.ncm file? I found one online but was unable to get all pages to work. Maybe I need a module like the (two way midi module)?

Thanks in advance for your support,

Ricardo Arguelles

Comment by Ricardo Arguelles

Hi Ricardo,

Apologies for the late reply. I don’t actually use this blog anymore, but fortunately I had to check something on here and I saw your comment. Wow, the project you’re referring to is one that I did nearly three years ago, so I must admit I’m not so clued up on it as it was more of an experiment to try an combine audio and visuals to be controlled at the same time. What machine are you trying to map to Modul8?



Comment by danhume

Hi Dan,

Thanks for responding! The machine is the: Maschine from Native Instruments. I found a mapping for it already now I am tryimg to create addidtional pages to the mapping to control mor buttons in Modul8. Do you use Maschine?

Kind Regards,

Ricardo Arguelles

Comment by Ricardo Arguelles

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