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Modul8 Visual Development
January 7, 2011, 11:47 pm
Filed under: After Effects, Modul8, Performance Video

After showing Phil my initial video test, he felt the idea I was trying to portray didn’t reflect from the visuals I had used. I could see where he was coming from because the video didn’t really give any connotations about time passing by, which is what I’m exploring in this video.

I’ve now added different visuals that will hopefully give the audience a sense of what the piece about. The image of Canary Wharf  is still going to be included in this, as the main focal point of the visuals, but I’ve enhanced the image with a time-lapse video of clouds sailing through the sky. To do this I used After Effects.

I decided to mask out the sky background of the image to help boost the appearance of backdrop visuals. This was also so I could be in control of that particular area of the image, where I want to embed the time-lapse into.

I imported the video into After Effects and then dragged into composition, on top of the image layer.

Then next thing was to use the Luma Matte effect, which embeds the video into the image like in the screenshot below.

Video Preview

I have got another backdrop for the canary wharf scene. It’s a time-lapse video, which I found in my files, of the clocks by canary wharf… ironically. The whole pice is about time passing and this video fits the description perfectly. Now I wanted to make this backdrop blend well without it spilling too much into city landscape image. I thought if I used the masked layer I used to cut out the city image with in After Effects, it should prevent any of the backdrop video showing through the city image.

I dragged the video into the top half of the composition and since it was a mask, the bottom half where the city image hides the rest of the video showing through.

I like to make the edges smooth when blending two bits of video together, so I used the feather tool to make the edges denser. This made a small proportion of the video spill over into the city image area, but it should work well nonetheless.

Video Preview

I rendered a short clip in After Effects with both layers combined to see what the outcome would look like. I’m pretty happy with how it looks, but it may turn out slightly different in Modul8… but hopefully it will look better!


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