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Dream Job
January 19, 2011, 10:36 pm
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What would my ideal dream job be? Well I’d like to have a job that involves some travelling but to also have a solid foundation in central London. The reason I say London is because it’s where everything is happening. I can’t pinpoint a specific job description, because there are many things I’d like to do and some of those things I’ll only be able to do once I’ve established myself in the media industry… and that may take a while.

How would I start off my career in the media industry? I guess I’d start by being an assistant/runner for a design production company. Ideally I’d like to work for a company that has a range of different types of projects going on, so I can get a sense of where I’d be most comfortable working. Also it’s the best opportunity to meet people who work in different areas of productions, so the contact list can slowly emerge.

I’ve been a keen photographer for a while and I’d like to pursue a career in that field. However, photography is a very specific and, like most jobs, competitive field to get into as there are many great photographers out there. There are many types of photographers in the creative media industries, which makes it an even more focused field. I’ve always been fascinated with Journalism, so the idea of being a photojournalist is quite appealing to me. There’s the travelling aspect of being photojournalist, which I find enticing and also the idea of capturing and being apart of something that could be a defining moment of history. Photography isn’t the only thing I want to do with my life. I do have other aspirations.

Since the introduction of Video integrated into DSLR cameras, it’s opened up a new opportunity for photographers to venture down an extended route of photography. Although people may argue that they are both different, to me, there are certainly skills from photography that are applied in filmmaking e.g. Cinematography. I am excited by this convergence of technology because I like the idea of using a smaller camera to make professional looking videos rather than big hench cameras. I’ve kind of been slightly put off doing actual filming because it involves using lots of big equipment, time and it’s quite a hands on job. I discovered this from last year after filming the Acting Course at the Pavilion and the Fashion Show at the O2 academy. It was overall a good experience, but since then I’ve been drawn more to the post-production field, like editing and colour grading, effects etc.

However, the future of DSLR in the video production side is growing and I’m hopeful that they will be used more dominant in production companies. I’ve been looking at filmmaker and director, Philip Bloom, who has had a lot of experience working in film and using lots of different types of cameras etc.

All in all I hope to be able to become flexible with different kinds of work and be apart of all the aspects of work on a project.

Below is a video that was a collaboration between two people, Tom Munro (Photographer) and Nathan Rissman ( Relatively new Filmmaker). Although this video isn’t anything ground breaking or amazing, it’s just got a cool artistic look to it. I would have liked to have worked on all the stages of this video from the production to post-production. I think music videos would be great to work on!



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