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Learning Agreement
January 31, 2011, 8:35 pm
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learning agreement

Name: Daniel Hume

Course: Digital Media Production Level: 5

Unit: Professional Project

Reference number: IMD513

Credit points: 45

Study hours: 450 hours

Tutor(s): Phil Beards, Liam Birtles.

Synopsis of Study

For this project I aim to make a short viral video/advert for the campaign, Don’t Lose The Music, which is run by the charity RNID. This is the largest charity in the UK that is devoted to changing the lives of deaf/hard of hearing people. Its Don’t Lose The Music is specifically aimed at young people to try and make them more aware about the effects of going clubbing on a regular basis and going to concerts/festivals, without any hearing protection. I’m the victim of Tinnitus, which is why I’m supporting this campaign and I want to make a contribution to the charity to help encourage young people to protect their hearing.

For the video, I don’t want to create something depressing, because the campaigns attitude towards clubs and festivals isn’t negative, otherwise I wouldn’t be in support of it. They’re saying you can enjoy being at live music events, but at the same time you can do yourself justice by wearing earplugs. It’s been proven that gradually over time our hearing degrades due to exposure of loud noise from when you’re younger and therefore people as they get older struggle to hear. This campaign is all about extending your ability to hear well when you’re older to enjoy music, hence the title of the campaign.

This will be an opportunity for me to create content that I can relate to and use the technology and skills I enjoy using to make one big project. This is probably going to be the most challenging unit I’ve yet encountered. I am going to be in full control of what is going to be produced in the production and post-production fields. I’m not really confident with producing video content and doing post-production work, but I feel that this will boost my confidence and hopefully give me a better idea of what I want to do in my third year. I’m used to making little videos and editing them for my own personal use, but to produce something for a client is going to be a step up from everything I’ve done so far.

Although the whole process of making a short video/advert will be challenging, I also want to discuss further with the client, how we can push the campaign strategies, to make it bigger. I feel that the message of the campaign is not being heard enough, which is why I want to take into consideration what the content of the video will be and how it will presented.

The message of the video will be to raise awareness of young people listening to mp3 players in noisy places, for example high street. The consequence of listening to music in noisy places compensates you having to turn up the volume on mp3 player, to cancel out the background noise. This continual habit can lead to future problems such as hearing loss and tinnitus, which aren’t curable conditions. The beginning of video will inform young people of the consequences and will finish off with solutions.

For some extra work, I also intend to do some Post-production work for some Bournemouth and Poole College students. They need to use After Effects but aren’t really familiar with the software. I’ll be doing Colour Grading and compositing visual effects.


A1 To develop my creativity and my knowledge and understanding of professional practice.

A2 To develop and produce a professional standard of creative work in response to a ‘live’ or simulated brief.

A3 To prepare myself for employment, freelance work or further study.

A4 To develop my understanding of costing and invoicing in preparation for business.

A5 To encourage students to see critical reflection as a key element of creative thinking and practice.

Learning outcomes:

On completion of this unit I’ll be able to:

LO1 Demonstrate a professional standard of creativity and practical ability, including:

  • Work that is technically comparable to that made within a specified genre.
  • Work that shows an awareness of contemporary trends, styles and subject matter, within commercial contexts.
  • Work that shows a high degree of creativity and aesthetic judgement.

LO2 Respond appropriately to the demands of a professional/self initiated brief, including:

  • Appropriate creative outcomes to industry/work related briefs.

LO3 Demonstrate readiness for employment, freelance work or further study with confidence in the level of your creative, practical and professional knowledge and skills. LO4 Demonstrate understanding of relevant costing and invoicing procedures, including:

  • The various costing and pricing scales and structures within relevant commercial contexts.
  • Timescales for payment.
  • Legal requirements, copyright and syndication rights.
  • VAT, National Insurance etc.

LO5 Reflect critically upon work and to use this as a springboard for the further development of ideas and creative practice.

Assessment Requirements

For this project I’ll be producing daily entries on my blog to show the development of my work. This will lead to a final entry of a short video/advert to which I’ll show pre-production, production and post-production documentation throughout this unit.

Assessment Criteria (specific criteria related to the learning outcomes and linked to the statement of generic assessment criteria matrix):

Evidence of knowledge of concepts and contexts (a) – Project work that shows creative maturity and direction within a commercial context (LO1,LO2)
Evidence of understanding through research and analysis. (c) – Extensive research, and the application of it, used for the underpinning and final conclusion of project work (LO1,LO2,LO4)
Evidence of realisation through presentation (f)- Work is placed within a commercial context and appropriate methods of presentation used. (LO3)
Evidence of understanding through critical evaluation and reflection (e) – The objectives of the research have clearly been identified and used to inform project work. (LO5)
Evidence of realisation through technical application and skills (g) – A synthesis of creativity and professionalism is demonstrated in the conclusion of the project work (LO1)


http://www.youtube.co.uk/ (Youtube)

http://www.vimeo.com/ (Vimeo)

http://www.dontlosethemusic.com/home/ (Don’t Lose The Music)

http://www.bbc.co.uk/ (BBC)

http://philipbloom.net/ (Philip Bloom – Filmmaker)

Action plan/time plan

14th – 20th February

Go to up to London. Plan shots and locations. Storyboard.

21st – 27th February

Sort out equipment list. Do some test shots for time-lapse video.

1st – 13th March


14th – 3rd April


4th – 17th April

This gap of time is for any additional shooting that I might need to do.

30th April

Completion deadline.


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