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Equipment Hire Price Guide
February 8, 2011, 9:40 pm
Filed under: Professional Project

Well my expectations for working for the Don’t Lose The Music are becoming slim, leading me back to the start of needing to find a new client. I’m still going to try and pursue the campaign one more time to see if there is something I could possibly be involved in.

In the mean time I’ve been looking at researching the prices of renting camera equipment. Since I’m going to be working freelance for this project, I’ve got to decide what it is I do and I’ve also got to create my own list of primary equipment I’m likely to use.

After having a read at the rate card, it’s clear that I’m in the Digital Video Projects category. I’ve been  reading this pdf file on DSLR cinematography, written by this person called Koo (from NoFilmSchool). It’s guide for people wanting to become aspiring filmmakers and learning about the functionality of the video capabilities integrated in DSLR’s. The guide also touches upon the idea of starting a freelance business in photography and filmmaking. This is somethings that’s appealed to me while I’ve been looking the through the guide and it makes sense to bring this idea of setting up a small freelance into this project.

Here is the website I’ve looked at just to get an idea of the price guides for hiring out Camera Equipment. So when it comes to making an invoice, I can use this information to determine how much money is to be totalled up, once the project is complete.

Camera Hire


Canon 550D (Body Only)

1 Day – £35
3 Days – £45
Weekend – £65
1 Week – £175
2 Weeks – £255


50mm 1.4 Prime Lens

Canon 50mm 1.4

1 Day – £10
3 Days – £10
Weekend – £15
1 Week – £20
2 Weeks – £25

17-55mm 2.8 – Midrange Zoom

Canon 17 – 55mm 2.8

1 Day – £15
3 Days – £25
Weekend – £30
1 Week – £65
2 Weeks – £115


Rode VideoMic Pro

1 Day – £20
3 Days – £35
Weekend – £45
1 Week – £75
2 Weeks – £125



1 Day – £10
3 Days – £20
Weekend – £35
1 Week – £75
2 Weeks – £105


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