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Start of Development
February 11, 2011, 7:59 pm
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I’ve started thinking about making a video that I’m going to produce for RNID’s Don’t Lose The Music campaign. After speaking with Rebecca, I think it’s clear that I’m going to focus on the subject of tinnitus and apply my experience of the condition into this video.

I’ve had lots ideas that have sparked out randomly and don’t seem to relate to each other, so I’ve been trying to condense these ideas into one. Now, Philip Bloom, worked on a short video for the Greenpeace campaign. This video seems to reflect the general style of the structure of the video I’m wanting to make.

In the video above, it contains motion tracked 2d graphics. This is something I’m looking to create myself for this video project. I have had this idea of creating a 2d graphic volume bar, that is tracked by the main characters’ mp3 player.

This way I’d be able to demonstrate the change in the volume of the music that character is listening at. The character will be wondering around the city and coming into conflict with different high noise levels which is external from the outside his earphones; therefore forcing him to turn up the volume of the music on his mp3.

  • The start of the video is going to show establishing shots of places around London, e.g. Piccadilly Circus, South Bank, Embankment. It’s going to be time lapsed footage. The first part of the video will follow our main character listening to his mp3 player. The idea of this opening is to show someone putting their hearing at risk by turning up the volume to cancel out the background noise.
  • The middle section of the video is going to show the consequences of the characters’ action when listening to his mp3 player at a loud volume. There are going to be shots of the character standing still, whilst the chaotic rush of city life is flying past.

I’m not great at storyboarding, but I’ve sketched out a rough idea of the shot in mind. The light scribbles are representing people passing through the shot. This will be a time lapse shot, so any movement made will be blurred in shot. This is why the main character has to remain stationary, to stay in focus. I’m also planning to change location of where the character is standing, to get across the idea that Tinnitus follows you wherever you go. He is feeling controlled by this condition and it’s preventing him from moving on.

  • The last section of the video is going to be about getting help. For many people, it’s too late to protect their hearing from getting tinnitus or becoming hard of hearing, so I feel it’s important to let sufferers know that something can be done. I’m still not sure what I’m going to show for this yet. However, I want the last shot of the video to show the main character walking off into the crowed, which would be representing the idea that you can get through having tinnitus or hard of hearing and lead a normal life.

I’m planning to go up to London at some point during the week, to start looking at locations to film at and take pictures, which I’ll use to storyboard.

Stay tuned for more updates….

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