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February 17, 2011, 5:00 am
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I’ve spent some time having a re-think about my idea for the video. I received an email today from Andy Glyde, senior campaigner for Don’t Lose The Music, about some feedback on this project.

  • Firstly, I need to carefully consider how I portray the campaign. The campaign is about enjoying music, but enjoying it safely. For people listening to mp3 players, I need to inform them that they don’t necessarily have to drop the volume dramatically, but dropping the volume by a few decibels can make a big difference in decreasing the risk of hearing damage. This would be quite hard to get across in the video… visually that is. I think the best thing is to have some dialogue in the video. Like in the Greenpeace video on my previous post, there is a photographer who is narrating throughout the whole piece about Global Warming.  To me, this is a really an effective way of putting across messages out there to inform people about issues etc.

So the change to my video will be using the main character to narrate. I know someone who will be really suited for this role. I think it’s crucial to have someone who is young to fully engage with younger generation of people who haven’t acknowledged the consequences of listening to music loudly without protection. I will write the dialogue for the character to narrate using factual information combined with my own personal experience of tinnitus and using ear plugs in clubs and also to discuss the idea of not being able to enjoy music in later life.

  • Secondly, the final part of the video looking at the character with tinnitus needs to be slightly less dramatic. Although the campaign does focus on the effects of tinnitus, they make sure that they don’t show tinnitus as a condition that would make someone feel like it’s the worst thing in the world. I think maybe my description of the content of the final bit of the video may come across a bit dramatic, so i’m going to tone it down a little bit. I think the crucial point that must be made is that you can overcome it and not be bogged down by it constantly.

I want to include a few time lapse shots of the character standing still because I think it is a good representation of how it can make someone feel, if they have no source of help. GP’s have been often criticised for being too light hearted when dealing with tinnitus patients and dismissing them without any help or advice. That’s what I want to get across in the video, but without it being too dramatic. The video will conclude on a positive note with the narrator informing people that they can get help and advice through RNID and Don’t Lose The Music.

Ok that’s it for today, but my next task is to:

  • start writing up a piece of dialogue for the narrator to refer to when it comes to shooting
  • speak with the person I have in mind for that role
  • Speak to Jason about hiring some equipment.

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