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New Shot Ideas
March 11, 2011, 6:37 pm
Filed under: Professional Project

This is an image I made during my A level photography course, which I’ve cloned the same person, but he is in different positions within the environment. I was just browsing through some old work when I saw this and I thought this would be good to implement in the video project, as another way of showing the increase of mp3 users in the world today and also the new rotobrush feature in After Effects!

There’s also another Idea I had for a shot for the tinnitus bit where I’ll have a static shot of character lying on his bed and then he slowly gets up and sits on the end of his bed.

During the shot I want to either:

  • Film the character  lying down and then film the character sitting on the end of the bed. Then do a time lapse of the movement of the character lying down to him sitting on the end of the bed and composite it into the video, to get this elegant sense of motion in the movement.
  • If the first technique fails, I’ll simply film the character lying down and getting up slowly and then splitting the video in two parts and cross fade them over one another.


I did a quick test video to see what the outcome would look like if it was done as a time lapse video.

Camera Settings:

  • Shutter 1″3
  • Aperture F11
  • 1 Second Interval

The intention of this scene is to have video slow and capture motion movement. There aren’t enough frames in this video to capture the movement well in slow motion. I might have to video this scene next time to see if I can get a better result.


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