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Video Compositing
March 15, 2011, 7:45 pm
Filed under: Professional Project

Today I managed to do a time lapse video and composite video footage within the scene. I was really inspired by the Come Fly With Me title sequence.

To explain how they achieved this task in basic form was they filmed each shot twice. Firstly they shot a time lapse video, which is all the fast footage. Then they shot characters separately using a green screen, which was done by someone running behind the characters with a small green screen that covers the whole of the body. Then in post-production they key out the green screen, which composites the characters nicely into the time lapse footage.

Now, for my video I did the same technique of doing a time lapse video, then followed by a recording someone. However, I didn’t use green or anything like that. As you can see from the image above,  I used the mask tool in After Effects to cut around the person I filmed.

Here’s my attempt at this technique.

It’s not 100% perfect, but the effect works well to what I need. I think next time I’ll have a go at using the roto brush, to see if I can get a more precise cut.


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