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Photojournalism: Through The Lens
March 27, 2011, 6:10 am
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I’ve recently started thinking about Journalism as a career path for myself to pursue. Since I’ve started this course there have been a lot of things that I’d thought I’d enjoy doing, but my pre-conceptions were wrong. I guess it’s not a bad thing though, because at least I’m starting to narrow things down and having a better understanding about what I really want to. At the beginning of the course I had lots of ideas about what sort of work I’d like to do, after I graduate, but I found it hard choosing exactly what it was that I really wanted to do. My mind was all over the place. I knew that if I stick with course and keep trying out new things, I’ll start to realise what’s for me and what isn’t. I guess it’s the same for everyone on my course.

Anyway, I came across this article about Photojournalism on the skillset website, which caught my attention. I’ve discussed before, in a previous post, about wanting a job that involved a bit of travelling; being part of big events. I think that photojournalism will give me that opportunity to do just that. Before I venture off into this discussion, I want to point out that Photojournalists or Press Photographers aren’t in the same category to ‘buzzing insects’, which is commonly referred to as Paparazzi. To me the paparazzi don’t document news or current events. They literally  spend their time creeping about, photographing celebrities and hoping to make a quick buck from it. Photojournalists I feel are more diplomatic. I was reading through an article from this online blog, called the The Photojournalist, which is basically viewing the paparazzi in a negative tone and stating they aren’t connected to photojournalists. I’ve taken this quote, which is in the concluding section of the article and I think it justifies the differences between the paparazzi and photojournalists.

‘You are certainly not documenting news events as photojournalists do, you are just creating entertainment and causing havoc in the process. It’s my opinion that Paparazzi and their ilk have no place in a decent society.’

I have to admit I really enjoy blogging and it’s one of things I enjoy about my course. We don’t do much writing on our course, except at the end of the year, where we do a 1000 word write up, evaluating everything. I like to get to the end of the day, sit down, chill out to some music and  do some blog entries…. even if nobody reads them!

Press Photographer or Photojournalist

The link above is to an article about the differences of roles between a Press Photographer and a Photojournalist. There are certain elements I’m drawn to in both roles. As mentioned in the article, Press Photographers work more in the newspaper field, whereas the work for photojournalists is more magazine based. However, I’m sure it’s possible that a lot of Photojournalists do provide publications for newspapers and vice versa for Press Photographers.

I feel one of the main differences between the two jobs, is that one is more documentary based (Photojournalism).

‘Photojournalists record longer term, documentary-style stories and situations, both at home and abroad. This involves taking a more considered approach, and shooting stories from a particular point of view that reflects the philosophy of the journal’s editor or owner.’

Press photography is more of an imminent  approach to photography in the sense that it captures current news and events.

‘Press Photographers produce photographs of current events, and the people involved in them, on a daily basis, for national or local newspapers, news magazines and press agencies. Images are invariably shot on location, using hand-held digital cameras with a portable electronic flash, with the photographer also carrying a laptop and a mobile phone so that they can download images directly to the picture desk.’

As a lot of people are aware that newer DSLR’s, available to the average consumer, are now fully capable tools of creating really great digital video in stunning HD. I’m pretty optimistic that the video capabilities on DSLR’s will impact the way current and future Photojournalists work, by conveying their documentations through motion picture as well as still imagery.



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